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I love XFCE. I use it on almost all my computers. However, in a multi head setup, it lacks a “move window to monitor” feature. Some posts link to the move-to-next-monitor script, which as many dependencies and is not very customizable (move to bottom, to right, etc.)

Hence, here it is ewmh_m2m.


Just install the package with pip:

pip install ewmh-m2m  # Note the dash and not the underscore!

You should now have a move-to-monitor command available.


You should bind the move-to-monitor command to your desired keyboard shortcut. This command also accepts some arguments to control where the window is moved. Type move-to-monitor --help in a terminal for the list of accepted options.


Feel free to ask some features on GitHub. You can also develop your own features and open Pull Requests. Take a look at the technical documentation.


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 3.2.2. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see https://pyscaffold.org/.

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